Inspiration for the masses

Published 2010-01-02 on Farid Zakaria's Blog

Getting closer to my work term I also look for inspiration to motivate me and peak my enthusiasm so that I can bring into the workplace. Browsing TED (something I’ve missed doing in a while), I immediately came across Steve Job’s Stanford Commencement speech.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

I got an eerie chill listening to his story and how pieces to his puzzle of life only seemed to fit after reflecting upon them; for instance like his calligraphy lessons. The point of the talk was aimed at don’t accept anything but true love and passion for a job and constantly be on the lookout and search for that passion. I am hoping that in this new job, my search is over.

Seth Godin

I really like Seth Godin. He gives riveting talks that are funny while still driving home a message. He is a wealth of stories, of which I could sit for hours probably just listening to. Although everything i’ve heard him say ( I plan to read a few of his books) is accurate and logical he seems to be always reinventing his own wheel between each talk, but at the end of the day it’s still a wheel? Confused by what I said? I know I am.
Essentially what I get from each of his talks is that :

  1. mass marketing is dead.
  2. viral marketing is the future/present
  3. marketing now for the extremes rather than the average

These are the staples of most talks he give, and he will bundle them up in a brand new metaphor or idea differently between all he talks I’ve seen. It’s not the problem that he is reiterating the message continuously, but rather that he it seems as if he is attempting through rewording the message to create a new one?

Regardless great talks.