What I want to write about

Published 2010-12-22 on Farid Zakaria's Blog

Hype Machine

Since the introduction to me of Hype Machine, my music taste has flourished grown. I was exposed to so many new genres, artists and music in general and it's been great. What hasn't been awesome was the reliance on the site and the inability to put the music on my iPhone.

Sure.. I could follow to the blog post for each one, however I'm clearly too lazy...

So instead of following blog posts, I decided what an opportune time to learn some JS, python and web programming. Anyways, the script was a success and needed since there seemed to have been a defunct grease-monkey one available that no longer worked.
Anyways, I'm going to write about that soon.

Link Time Dependencies and the Cost of Compiling

Internships have given me exposure to some pretty enormous code bases and I found it interesting how each company attacks the problem of compilation and linking. It was seemingly an uninteresting problem to me from the start, given that at school the longest compile time I faced was 2 mins. However in the industry, I've heard about companies who's full build requires a full day!
In hopes to try and get my work report ready on the subject, I'll try and write my thoughts on different schemes I've seen employed and my thoughts on each.

Finally life...

Just finishing a 4 month co-op in Vancouver, my life has dramatically changed I feel. Perhaps I can turn some senseless ramblings from my mouth into something cohesive that I'd like to personally save on my blog.