Diary of promoting

Published 2011-02-18 on Farid Zakaria's Blog

The Mission

So I've always thought of myself of being able to hold events; both which are popular and fun. I've held enough over the course of my undergraduate career at University of Waterloo that this term I was too exhausted to even setup a party for my own birthday party. However, I am now well somewhat rested and ready for my new challenge and goal!

I have a great friend, Benjamin Luke, who enjoys to spin Funky-House-Electro. Although he mainly plays for himself and the company of us his friends at small parties, myself and others have constantly pushed him to pursue gigs at small venues (mainly because it would be a bitching time for us).

Anyways, I've taken it upon myself to try and now get him a new gig somewhere (he's obviously down for the proposition) so that we can have merriment and a great time. I've always been curious of promoting and PR relations and this is also going to prove an interesting concept to me to see how I can help my friend break through; if even in a minute way. Anyways, I plan on documenting (at least online) my attempt and we'll see what we both can learn.

Check out the facebook group if you can help and interested: Let's get Benjamin Luke DJ gigs