Thanks and Up Next

Published 2011-03-23 on Farid Zakaria's Blog


So It's been about 3 months now that I've released the hypemachine chrome extension, which marked my real first public software contribution. It was pretty neat to see that there was a demand for something I considered a pet project and that as of this post, it has been installed 1620 times.

Due to the demand and upon people's comments on the extension, I then worked up a Python script which made batch downloading of the songs easier for those from the site. Although I took down the script from the site at the request from the HypeMachine site developers, I continued to supply the script to those who requested it via e-mail.

It's been heart warming to receive e-mails from people expressing gratitude and help on the script/extension

Where to now?

Based on feedback I had started development work on a Mac Application using Cocoa/Objective-C to create an application to help navigate/download/play songs from the HypeMachine website. I chose to do it in Objective-C and Cocoa largely as a learning project. I have been running into some difficulties and wrote up a post remarking some of the troubles I've been facing. If you'd love to see an application for the Mac (and obviously eventually ported to Windows) check out the post and see if you can help me fix the issue. I don't mind uploading the current project to GitHub as well.

To the HypeMachine guys, if this gets off the ground as a Cocoa Application. I don't mind you guys using it as a basis for an iPhone application :D