Published 2011-04-07 on Farid Zakaria's Blog

So I have done some pretty neat work towards the iPhone HypeMachine application, considering my limited experience with Objective-C and iOS development. Here are some screenshots closer to what I've accomplished.

[caption id="attachment_466" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="Screenshot of iPhone application"][/caption]

I've uploaded the current code on GitHub and you can find the repository at : https://github.com/fzakaria/HypeMachine-iPhone. I uploaded it on GitHub in hopes of someone joining me on working on it and perhaps fixing some of the issues I've been facing and perhaps helping me polish it as a neat project.

Feature List

  1. View Songs for Latest and Popular pages on the HypeMachine website
  2. Stream music asynchronously as you you browse songs. Once again thanks to : Matt Ghallagher
  3. View album art and information regarding the music

Things to do

  1. Continue playing music while application is in background
  2. Fix the scanning of the HTML file to better handle more general cases (i.e. in latest, songs by similar artist are grouped)
  3. Fix some of the application's memory leaks and referencing problems
  4. Allow a user to sign in and <3 songs
  5. Cache data to make replaying previous songs much faster

If you can help implement or give advice for any of these features please do so either through comments or via making appropriate changes to the GitHub repository.