Removed HypeMachine Chrome Extension

Published 2011-07-19 on Farid Zakaria's Blog

You can still grab the extension yourself from github and install it yourself. I might still package it and make it an easy install if there is a demand for those who are unfamiliar with github. For now you can grab it from here.

Final Thoughts

After a few e-mail exchanges with Anthony Volodkin, I've decided to remove my HypeMachine extension from the Chrome Web Store. While it had been up, I had nearly 3000 unique installs (not counting whoever might have installed it themselves from the hosted code). I had placed Google Analytics on the extension and thought it was neat to play around with it. I've uploaded the main report page for anyone who may be interested.

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What I find most interested is that the majority of the traffic is from direct traffic, which I am guessing means someone had placed the URL directly into their browser? Considering that the link to the extension is some garbled text, does this mean that most people were sharing the link to the extension? I'm surprised the amount of traffic from search engines are so low considering that one of the complains from Anthony was that the extension shows up pretty high in the list on search results for HypeMachine.

Majority of visits were from direct traffic and not from search engine results which was something Anthony had complained about.

The largest deciding factor in my reason to remove the extension (aside from being a fan of the site and having been asked politely), was that I had noticed that HypeMachine began to track whoever was using the extension. Although no action has been/was taken against those who were, Anthony seemed to express that none would be if I took the extension down.

We've been flagging user accounts that have been detected using the extension, but have not done anything with this data yet. - Anthony Volodkin

I have been curious in developing an SDK for the site however...

PS: That pretty looking Github button was provided by gitforked.