Sublime 2 - Appropriate Namesake

Published 2011-08-04 on Farid Zakaria's Blog

Sublime 2

Browsing reddit in my usual fashion, I came acrossa post regarding text editors. Nothing new here I thought, posts such as these always seem to instantly turn into some nerd battle over Emacs and Vim. Strangely however was a comment (near the top even!) about a text editor called Sublime 2. Normally, I don't go downloading everything people recommend, especially software which don't include screen-shots.

I find it annoying when developpers don't put screen-shots of their software. If you are trying to sell me a deliciously good looking user interface experience, you better sell it to me first via a picture so that I'll download it.

Foregoing my usual judgement, I decided to download and try the text editor. I think the real reason I decided to, has been that I've become a bit bored using Notepad++. Although still a great text editor, I was looking for a change...

Here's the sought after screenie...

Key Features that Turn Me On

  • The minimap. I didn't know how badly I wanted a minimap for software development until now!
  • Beautiful off the bad syntax highlighting and color scheme. Although obviously most editors you can setup the color scheme to mimic Sublime's, I enjoy having it done default right off the bat
  • Fullscreen and Distraction Free Mode really let you code without distraction.