Facebook Friend Wall Spammer

Published 2011-08-15 on Farid Zakaria's Blog

Finding usefulness out of annoyingness

My girlfriend has the habit of posting something on someone's wall and then immediately deleting her post for a variety of reasons. Recently she had done so to my own wall. What is interesting about deleted posts are that I still received a Facebook notification in the top left corner stating that she had posted something however clicking the item does nothing.

If you've signed up for Facebook e-mail notifications however, you can track the notification down via the e-mail sent and it should contain a short summary of the post; allowing me to see the deleted content (which seems kind of odd). The whole process of deleting Facebook posts really seemed odd and as a result I wrote a quick web page in order to try and play around with the functionality of deleting messages.

You can find the web page here: http://www.blog.fzakaria.com/code/spammer/. It should be self explanatory enough to use.

Things didn't work out as planned.

I had originally thought that I could write a Facebook Spammer that would immediately clean up and delete all the messages posted on someone's wall with the intention of the receiver having a very large fake number in their notification tray. This however did not turn out to be the case, as Facebook collects all recent activity per person and groups it under a single notification. With this option no longer possible, I'm sitting back and thinking what I can do with the following possibilities:

  • I can spam multiple messages on a friend's wall.
  • I can delete the messages immediately written on a friend's wall.
  • I can give a single fake notification to a friend.
  • I can potentially send secret messages to friends via the e-mail notification system.

The last item on the list seems to intrigue me the most however I can't seem to think of a neat idea for it. I have the ability to tell someone I've sent them a secret message via Facebook that they can read via an e-mail notification, however I'm not sure how that can be any more useful than sending an actual e-mail. I'm going to sit on this for a bit and ponder, however in the mean time you can use the web page to spam some friend's walls if you'd like.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not responsible if Facebook monitors spamming activity and they take any action. I'm sure if you keep it to something non-noticeable but still annoying (~20 posts) you're in the clean, but I'm not sure...