Catching Up: Hypescript fixed. More to come.

Published 2012-06-29 on Farid Zakaria's Blog

Finally have some time

I've received numerous (very nice hearing how many people have been using my software) e-mails and responses regarding how my hypescript and batch downloader are no longer working.

I've recently accepted a new position at Amazon in Seattle and the move was very time consuming. I was saddened at the state of the code and how I felt like I was letting people down by not fixing it in a timely fashion. Now that it's been a month or so since my move I've finally had time to work on fixing them for you guys! :)

The fix

The HypeMachine guys keep breaking the script due to my terrible regular expression I was using to scrape the site for the id & keys. I'm hoping the current regex I've updated it to is more robust and will thwart a few more attempts from them from breaking it!

What needs to be parsed

trackList[document.location.href]['item_1n361'] = { 

    seq: trackList[document.location.href].length,


    ts: '1340722642',
key: 'c3f03b16ecce82ef18b6bf6e25c8e52b',
    artist:'Erika Spring',
    song:'Erika Spring -Hidden_ (Sportag Remix)_MS...',
    thumb_url_large: ''



My regular expression

#old regex
idMatches = re.findall("[ t]id:'(w*)(?=')", contents)
keyMatches = re.findall("(?<=tkey: ')w*(?=')", contents)
songMatches= re.findall("(?<=tsong:').*(?=')", contents)
artistMatches= re.findall("(?<=tartist:').*(?=')", contents)
#new regex
idMatches = re.findall("s+id:s*'(.+)'", contents)
keyMatches = re.findall("s+key:s*'(.+)'", contents)
songMatches = re.findall("s+song:s*'(.+)'", contents)
artistMatches = re.findall("s+artist:s*'(.+)'", contents)

If you are more of a wiz at regex than me please recommend a better pattern :)