Django and Learning to Crap

Published 2012-08-17 on Farid Zakaria's Blog

I want Django so bad

I have this constant need to learn and play with Django. To make matters worse, I have a similar need for Python, so it's quite the double whammy. It's actually quite annoying that I have no project to alleviate this pain... This is a call call out for anyone with a good webapp idea or who wants to partner up on a Django app!

Who knew winning money was fun

Probably the most enjoyable gambling game I’ve played has to be ‘craps’. It is the game that is the most like when it is portrayed in films/tv (i.e. a giant table of people cheering and merry making). I feel however that when I play, I’m guessing at my best moves and not making proper educated guesses.

The house bet for craps can be as low as 0.02% at some points, making it the lowest advantage of all casino games.

I’ve decided to put a little more effort into my craps game and sit down and learn the numbers. No longer will I consistently ask the employees working the table how much should I bet to take advantage of my odds! Hopefully this will let me at least play more craps enjoyably and perhaps even lose less win some money.

Blackjack has never really been a game I’ve enjoyed so this will fit swimmingly with me. I’ve always had difficulty in probability as well and statistics; this should definitely also give a good refresher!

Who knows, maybe this new hobby of mine will spark a new software idea (and I am in need of a good one)…