HypeMachine Extension Fixed

Published 2012-09-08 on Farid Zakaria's Blog

Sorry it took so long...

While I was away on vacation in Turkey (will post photos later), HypeMachine and Chrome decided to both muck up my extension. This is a short blog post to inform everyone that the code found on GitHub is now fixed and working again. Hurray!

Please go to https://github.com/fzakaria/HypeMachine-Extension to get the latest Chrome Extension.

Call to arms

What I was not able to fix however is the nifty/spiffy look of the downward arrow button. I'd love if someone can please contribute to the project and fix the arrow. I liked the original implementation of it being done in pure CSS as it blended in beautifully with the Hypem page. Please either contact me or submit a patch to the GitHub repository!

The fix

The fix for the problems were rather straightforward and entailed the following:

  1. Updating the manifest.json for Chrome Extension to version 2.
  2. Updating the tracks variable (that is read when injected) to the new variable name of window.displayList['tracks']