New Hypem Download Site

Published 2012-10-03 on Farid Zakaria's Blog

Downloading Songs from

I've been writing every now and then about working on a Django project and found the recent developments to the website fruitful as a good kick in the butt to start one. The website itself is still in development stages (needs a lot of UI polish) however the overall workflow works rather easily and beautifully.

Advantages to using this site rather than Chrome extension

  1. The 'Download' button immediately kicks off a download. No need to right click and select 'Save As..' on a link. Although this seems pretty trivial, it was causing me to receive plenty of e-mails from people who had a tough time figuring out how to save songs!
  2. Backfilled repository of urls to where the songs are hosted! Sometimes songs I've recently hearted or saved are no longer available to play from Saving the serving url on my site as well is another sure chance of making the content being available longer online!
  3. It was a pretty good excuse to learn Django!
  4. I eventually hope to leverage the code for

I'd like to figure out a few minor hiccups still related to the overall user experience and figure out a nice deployment strategy. I am open to any help anyone would like to give on the site (whether backend or frontend coding).

Pictures: (Click to Enlarge)

Here is a photo of the landing page. Downloading the songs are as easy as simply providing the url.

Here is a photo of the Downloading page. All you have to do is click! :)