PhotoReflect Unwatermarked image

Published 2016-01-11 on Farid Zakaria's Blog

Reverse Engineering

I lately had a special event where a photographer took some photos of the occasion and used PhotoReflect to host/sell me them.

The price per photo is 29$ or the whole set (90) 699$. I consider that an egregious amount to charge, considering that her services were supposedly already included with the event.

The following are some instructions you can follow for downloading the non-water marked medium quality images. This assumes that you are running on a Mac however the commands can easily be modified for any setup.

#Install a helpful tool to make HTTP requests - similar to cURL but nicer
brew install http
#Grab a single image id from the URL (click on any photo) and find the part with "pi=03PD17RD000000".
#That ID represents the ID for that photo.
#Suppose the store they send you to is
#Execute the following:
http "" "Referer:" > 03PD17RD000000.jpeg

The real magic here is in the s=-3 portion of the request, which I've found returns the image without the water-mark.

I still haven't figured out how to download the HighQuality images, but if you find out please share!

EDIT: I have also found a helpful Gist that can help inject a download button onto the store.