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Through my undergraduate studies in Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo and pursuing interests on my own time I began/competed  some interesting projects.

You can find additional projects on my GitHub


HypeMachine Chrome Extension

I was very much into the HypeMachine website for a while. It’s a site that aggregates several popular indie music blogs so that you can easily stream & browse the music. The extension adds a download button next to all the songs. I managed to reach around 10,000~ downloads from the Chrome extension store before HypeMachine asked me to take it down. I’m still maintaining it on my Github page and fixing it whenever they make changes to how they serve up their music.

It was a delightful game of cat & mouse, as well as learning how to escape the Chrome sandbox.

HypeMachine Python Script

A python script that batch downloads songs from the HypeMachine. Primarily written as a point of reference to how it is possible to circumvent DRM for web-based players.

Ray Tracer

The remnants & output of the ray tracer I had created for CS488. The raytracer is built upon the previous assignments in the course (however from scratch!) and the website goes onto to slightly explain how some of the features were implemented.

I whole heartedly recommend the book Fundamentals of Computer Graphics