CS488 project


This is the project webpage for my CS488 final project, which is an extended ray tracer  continuing from Assignment 4. The extension comprised of implementing an additional 10 objectives.


  1. Bullet Bump Mapping

  2. BulletCel Shading

  3. BulletTexture Mapping

  4. BulletDepth of Field

  5. BulletAnti-Aliasing (Supersampling)

  6. BulletRefraction

  7. BulletFish Eye Lens (Wide Angle)

  8. BulletMultithreading

  9. BulletAdditional Primitives (Torus and Cylinder)

  10. BulletUnique Scene

Extended Ray Tracer

Ray Tracing is a technique to generate photorealistic images. It traces rays of light from the eye (backwards) back through the pixels on the image plane into the scene. The rays are then tested against objects within the scene to perform lighting calculations.