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These posts are from my original Wordpress blog. They are kept here as an archive; the formatting did not necessarily transition well.

Building a scraper for recreation.gov

Dropwizard Reservoir Concurrency

Large Scale Guice Projects - Module Deduplication

WaterFlow - SWF Framework

Learning Netty - HTTP Echo

PhotoReflect Unwatermarked image

HypeMachine Chrome Extension - Still going

Pagination in Clojure

AWS Lambda - Sending CloudTrail notifications to CloudSearch

Scalatron Build.sbt file to the rescue

Spray - Building a website

Analyzing CloudTrail Logs Using Hive/Hadoop

SQS , Apache Camel & Akka

Try #2: Fixing download name

Unit test in Play! Framework with Slick

Scala Closure Example

Fix for latest Extension Hypemachine bug

Play! Framework with Akka actors on Heroku

How to install Elasticsearch on EC2 with Amazon Linux

New Changes to HypeMachine Extension

The joys of knowing Software - Hacking the Boat License Course

Update - Google Chrome HypeMachine Extension Alive and Well!

For those looking for a replacement

MetaHypem has been temporarily shut down

Small Update + More to Come!

Someone must be using the site!

Downloading Songs from Soundcloud

New Domain Name

Getting things to play nice

Python Download Script Updated

[BETA] Download HypeMachine Songs Website

Hello Linode and New Subdomain

Hypem API Changes

New Hypem Download Site

Return by Reference to a Pointer, Huh?

HypeMachine Extension Fixed

Django and Learning to Crap

Catching Up: Hypescript fixed. More to come.

Eclipse + Perforce + BeyondCompare

Jamaican Me Jerky

Mockup: Free Key Analysis for DJs

Minecraft Creeper

Colour spaces and NV12 to RGB

Update: Fixed HypeScript and HypeMachine Extension

HypeMachine Script / Java / Extension Not Working

Chrome Extension: Getting Those Ajax Queries

Beatprice in Alpha

Windows 8 Metro + HypeMachine Cool But Dead

My C++ Class Idiom Gotcha

Python is not ==

Unity 3: Trying to get 2D for Free

Unity 3: Loving it.

First Thoughts on XNA 4.0 Game Architecture

Beatprice Chrome Extension Edition

Game Engine: Finally Getting Around To it

Why wouldn't you use brackets?

HypeMachine Chrome Extension HotFix

Facebook Friend Wall Spammer

Moving Past Small Software Projects

Sublime 2 - Appropriate Namesake

Small Stab at C++ Templates

Vindication : Huffman Coding

Removed HypeMachine Chrome Extension

Chrome Download Extension API

Chrome's Missing De-Obfuscate Option

Double request for Songs + New Layout

My next thing: Django + [Insert Here]

Little Jab :)

Back & Forth

Chrome HypeMachine Extension; Finally got around to it.

Java HypeMachine Batch Downloader

The Fastest $2.99 I've Ever Spent

My last stab at it.

Not Naming Any Names


HypeMachine on the iPhone: Round 2

Proof of Concept: iPhone HypeMachine Application

HypeMachine Cocoa Win

Thanks and Up Next

HypeMachine Cocoa Woes

HypeMachine Batch Downloader 2.0

Diary of promoting

Hello GitHub

HypeMachine Extension on Chrome Web Store

I do understand Git I just don't want the awesomeness

Joy of Anonymous Gift Giving

HypeMachine Chrome Extension and Hacking the Isolated world

Investigation into Compile time and Linking time optimizations

Journey Into Music, Python and Some Disorienting Web

What I want to write about

Difficulty with Code Swarm on Perforce

We've truly been stagnant...

Thoughts on communication and Ray Tracing

Stupid SOP and GWT Proxy Service

Stop the hate on comments.

Game Industry: Box Art

Trying to become Master++

I want built in Design Patters

What type of company are you in?

C++ for real now!

Inspiration for the masses

Take care of my thoughts, won't you?

uC++ and Shooting Yourself in the foot

Return to Campus

Elegance and Gripes

Simulateous Learning

A little more IronPython

IronPython, C# 4.0 & Me

I have failed.

What did you do with my resources?

Fireballs and ToolTips

Trying to get feedback faster than you can say...

Image Manipulation Tool Me Some More

Threads and Images

Splash Screens

Locked in for life?