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bpf_helpers and you...

This is a republishing of a e-mail I sent out to xdp-newbies mailing list which you can find here originally published on Wed, 30 Oct 2019

This is my attempt of a continuation of David Miller’s prior e-mail bpf.h and you….

I was curious about how ebpf filters are wired and work. The heavy use of C macros makes the source code difficult for me to comprehend.

Maybe there’s an online pre-processed version of the Linux kernel?

I’m hoping others may find this exploratory-dive insightful – hopefully, it’s accurate enough.

Parallel Task Execution

A common task is to have a set of tasks; each with their declared dependencies. This setup exists in a variety of build tools such as make or rake

New blog. New format.

Hello World.

I’ve moved my blog from “Small Thoughts” blog.fzakaria.com, which was hosted on Wordpress & S3, one using Jekyll via Github Pages.

Why Github Pages and not S3 still? I wanted to see what all the fuss was about & it sounded simpler to set up the TLS certificates.

You may notice that the theme of this blog is very similar to that of Drew Devault’s; in fact, it is based on his published theme.

I admired on his blog his campaign to get others blogging that I revived my forgotten blog. I enjoyed the minimalism of his blog and embraced it. The site uses very minimal fancy Jekyll plugins, and you can find the source here.

I’m still a novice to Jekyll & blogging in general; feel empowered to reach out to teach me or discuss.